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Amanda Venegas Owner of EH Cakes

 In 2015 I decided to start my own baking business at home so that I could still contribute to the family income and stay home to care for our young children. I love being able to stay at home while still being able to teach my young children as much as I can and care for them. With the help of my adoring husband and my family to back me up, I obtained my business license and got to work.


Since then, we’ve been doing nothing but baking and expanding! The company is named after my late grandmother who taught me everything I know about baking. Here at EH Cakes, we strive for perfection so when you order a pastry or cake from us, we make sure that it is perfect before it leaves the kitchen and out to your table. Our goal is to offer simple delicious cakes and treats at a great price.


My goal for the company one day is to be able to pass the business to my children and have them continue the legacy.

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